Administrative law & Compliance

Compliance, support of state control measures and protection in cases of administrative offences
Administrative law consulting:
 — Representation in state bodies;
 — Support of control measures and inspections of state bodies;
 — Analysis of administrative and legal risks in the conclusion of transactions and implementation of business projects.

Protection in cases of administrative offences:
 — Preparing of legal opinion and formation of evidentiary base;
 — Representation in cases of administrative offences.

Support of disputes with state bodies:
 — Appeal of decisions and actions (inactions) of state bodies;
 — Recovery of losses incurred by State bodies.
Important matters
Supporting the field tax audit on VAT and contesting the results of the audit in the pre-trial procedure. The initial amount of additional charges exceeded 1 million US dollars. As a result of consideration of the appeal made by the Firm’s lawyers, the amount of additional accruals was reduced 15 times.
Protecting the interests of the developer, the extension of the construction permit for which was declared illegal by the court. The court’s decision was overturned and the extension of the construction permit was recognized by the relevant legislation.
Advising a foreign manufacturer of goods operating in Russia on corporate, labor and migration legislation, including the employment of highly qualified specialists.
Supporting a transaction between a US company and a Russian distributor of goods, including the development of commercial terms of a distribution contract and terms of a license to use trademarks and patents by a distributor in a particular territory.
Support in the interests of the developer, performing the contract on the development of the built-up area, a judicial dispute over an administrative claim for recognition as illegal the conclusion of the interdepartmental commission and the administration’s decision to recognize the apartment building as an emergency and subject to demolition. As a result of accompaniment in satisfaction of claims of the administrative claimant was denied in full.
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