Antitrust practice

Antitrust compliance and dispute resolution in the field of competition protection
Advising on antimonopoly legislation:
 — Analysis of commercial contracts and internal documents of the company for compliance with antimonopoly legislation requirements;
 — Analysis of legal risks of transactions and investment projects.

Support of disputes in the field of antimonopoly legislation:
 — Support of court disputes in cases of violation of antimonopoly legislation;
 — Representation of interests in antimonopoly authorities in cases on violation of antimonopoly legislation;
 — Legal protection in cases of unfair competition.
Important matters
Support of a complex dispute to protect the interests of the trademark owner. As a result of the protection strategy developed by the lawyers of Nasonov, Pirogov & Partners, the Internet advertising resources used by the opponent and violating the rights to the trademark were blocked, as well as the transaction on acquisition by the Client of exclusive rights to the trademark, contested by the previous right holder, was protected (recognized as valid).
Advising a foreign investor on financing the construction of a gas distribution station and establishing a joint venture in Russia, including investment protection, corporate governance, currency control and taxation. The amount of investments exceeds 5 million Euro.
Advising a foreign manufacturer of goods operating in Russia on corporate, labor and migration legislation, including the employment of highly qualified specialists.
Supporting a transaction between a US company and a Russian company in organizing the distribution of goods, including the development of commercial terms of the distribution contract and the terms of the license for the use of trademarks and patents by the distributor in a particular territory.
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