Darya Smolina
Graduated from the Nizhny Novgorod branch of the Higher School of Economics, specializing in jurisprudence (civil law). From 2015 she provided legal services within the program of the Student Law Office of the Faculty of Law of the Higher School of Economics, from 2017 she was appointed Director of the Student Law Office. She joined the team in 2017. She takes part in the resolution of economic disputes and comprehensive business support.
Highlights of experience
Advising a foreign manufacturer of goods operating in Russia on corporate, labor and migration legislation, including the attraction of highly qualified specialists.
Advising Al Ahram Group, an international group of companies headquartered in Cairo, Egypt, on the establishment of a subsidiary in Russia and compliance with Russian legislation on the export of oil products, agrochemicals, precious metals, timber, agricultural imports, as well as on taxation, compliance with labor and migration laws, currency regulations, anti-money laundering regulations in foreign exchange transactions.
Support of a complex dispute to protect the interests of the trademark owner. As a result of the protection strategy developed by the lawyers of Nasonov, Pirogov & Partners, the Internet advertising resources used by the opponent of the client and violating the rights to the trademark were blocked, as well as the transaction on acquisition by the client of exclusive rights to the trademark, contested by the previous right holder, was protected (recognized as valid).
Accompanying a dispute on the collection of penalties for violation of deadlines for work performance on the part of the contractor (defendant). As a result of the submitted counteraccounts, the plaintiff reduced the amount of the claim from 11.5 million to 7.5 million rubles, and the court granted the contractor’s petition to reduce the penalty and recovered 1.5 million rubles. Thus, the amount of the claims was reduced by a factor of 10.
Support of the procedure for obtaining a license for distance learning in the field of sport (professional development) coaches.
+7 831 423 10 03
Piskunova st. 31А, offices 1, 3
Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia,
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