Dispute resolution

Defending the interests of business, entrepreneurs and management in disputes related to economic activity, including:

The Arbitration Proceedings practice was recognized by the rating "Pravo.ru-300" in 2019.
 — corporate disputes;
 — bankruptcy disputes;
 — commercial disputes;
 — construction and real estate disputes;
 — banking, leasing and insurance disputes;
 — disputes with state authorities;
 — anti-monopoly disputes;
 — tax disputes;
 — intellectual property disputes;
 — disputes on protection of honor, dignity and business reputation;
 — other types of disputes.
Important matters
Legal support of a corporate conflict on the part of a minority shareholder in a large group of companies, as a result of which the Firm’s client’s claims in excess of EUR 1 million were satisfied.
Supporting the field tax audit on VAT and contesting the results of the audit in the pre-trial procedure. The initial amount of additional charges exceeded 1 million US dollars. As a result of consideration of the appeal made by the Firm’s lawyers, the amount of additional accruals was reduced 15 times.
Support of the court dispute on bringing the former head of the debtor to subsidiary liability in the amount of more than 100 million rubles, on the side of the defendant, as a result of which the claims were denied in full.
Protecting the interests of the developer, the extension of the construction permit for which was declared illegal by the court. The court’s decision was overturned and the extension of the construction permit was recognized by the relevant legislation.
Support of a complex dispute to protect the interests of the trademark owner. As a result of the protection strategy developed by the lawyers of Nasonov, Pirogov & Partners, the Internet advertising resources used by the opponent of the client and violating the rights to the trademark were blocked, as well as the transaction on acquisition by the client of exclusive rights to the trademark, contested by the previous right holder, was protected (recognized as valid).
Successfully contested the transaction in the bankruptcy case of the developer to withdraw the debtor’s assets: 47 land plots with a total area of more than 151,000 m2 and a property complex worth more than 400,000,000 rubles.
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