Insolvency & Restructuring

Support of bankruptcy proceedings in the interests of the debtor, the trustee in insolvency or the creditor.

The Bankruptcy practice was rated "" in 2018 and 2019.
— Representing the interests of the debtor and creditors in relations with the arbitration manager and participants in bankruptcy proceedings, representation in arbitration courts, support of the procedure for inclusion in the register of creditors' claims, appealing against illegal acts (omissions) of the arbitration manager and challenging invalid transactions, recovery of losses and bringing to subsidiary liability;

 — Comprehensive legal support of bankruptcy proceedings, including protection of the interests of the arbitration manager in court, representation of the interests of the arbitration manager in relations with the participants of bankruptcy proceedings, the authorized body, supervisory authority.
Important matters
Support of separate disputes in cases of insolvency (bankruptcy) of credit organizations (Bank Bogorodsky (LLC), CB Intercomerce (LLC), PJSC "Nota-Bank", AO Bank "TGB", PJSC "Tatfondbank"), including support of a court dispute related to the challenge of write-off (withdrawal) of funds from the client's account in the amount of more than 6 million rubles, as a result of which the claims against the defendant (the Firm's client) were rejected.
Support of the procedure of inclusion of claims of creditors (Czech and Russian companies) in the insolvency (bankruptcy) case of the plant — manufacturer of industrial equipment, located in Croatia, which resulted in the claims of these creditors in total — more than 500 000.00 Euro.
Support of the court dispute on bringing the former head of the debtor to subsidiary liability in the amount of more than 100 million rubles, on the side of the defendant, as a result of which the claims were denied in full.
Legal support of bankruptcy proceedings of a developer in the Moscow Region with assets worth over 17 billion rubles.
Successfully contested the transaction in bankruptcy proceedings on withdrawal of the debtor’s assets: 47 land plots with the total area of more than 151,000 m2 and property complex with the value of more than 400,000,000 rubles.
Support in the interests of the debtor of a separate dispute at the application of an affiliated creditor for inclusion in the register of creditors' claims of debt in the amount of more than 1,200,000,000 roubles, as a result of which the creditor’s claims were denied in full.
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