International projects

Support of foreign economic transactions and projects with foreign investments in Russia and abroad.
Support of foreign economic transactions:
 — Development of foreign economic contracts;
 — Analysis of risks in the implementation of international projects;
 — Compliance for international economic transactions;
 — Consulting on currency control issues.

Support of foreign investments in Russia and abroad:
 — Support of accreditation procedures for branches and representative offices of foreign companies under Russian law;
 — Establishing companies, joint ventures and holdings with foreign capital in Russia and abroad;
 — Structuring business and asset acquisition transactions in Russia and abroad.
Important matters
Supporting the purchase of U.S. company shares between a citizen of Ukraine and Russia on the buyer’s side. The following services were provided to the client:
 — analysis of the buyer’s legal due diligence risks;
assessment of U.S. sanctions for the presence of restrictions on currency payments in — U.S. dollars between citizens of Russia and Ukraine and the presence of restrictions with respect to banks in Georgia;
 — preparation of documents for closing the transaction (share purchase agreement, documents for observing the company’s preemptive right to buy shares);
 — preparation of conclusions for the Client on tax consequences of the transaction in Russia.
Advising Al Ahram Group, an international group of companies headquartered in Cairo, Egypt, on the establishment of a subsidiary in Russia and compliance with Russian legislation on the export of oil products, agrochemicals, precious metals, timber, agricultural imports, as well as on taxation, compliance with labor and migration laws, currency regulations, anti-money laundering regulations in foreign exchange transactions.
Advising a foreign investor on financing the construction of a gas distribution plant and establishing a joint venture in Russia, including investment protection, corporate governance, currency control and taxation. The amount of investments exceeds 5 million Euro.
Advising a foreign manufacturer of goods operating in Russia on corporate, labor and migration legislation, including the employment of highly qualified specialists.
Supporting a transaction between a US company and a Russian distributor of goods, including the development of commercial terms of a distribution contract and terms of a license to use trademarks and patents by a distributor in a particular territory.
Registration and support of a limited liability company in the United States for the management of the Client’s assets.
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