Maxim Volkov
Senior lawyer
Graduated from the Nizhny Novgorod branch of the Higher School of Economics, majoring in Law (civil law). Since 2016 he has been practicing as a lawyer of an arbitration manager. He joined the team in 2017. He is involved in legal support of complex bankruptcy procedures of large production enterprises and developers.
Highlights of expirience
Support of the court dispute on bringing the former head of the debtor to subsidiary liability in the amount of more than 100 million rubles, on the side of the defendant, as a result of which the claims were denied in full.
Support of a dispute on the part of the debtor (developer) on the inclusion of the founder's claims in the amount of 70 million rubles in the register of creditors' claims affiliated with the developer. The application was rejected in full.
Support of the dispute on bringing to subsidiary liability the controlling persons of a large production enterprise of the Sverdlovsk Region. The amount of the satisfied claims is 1.3 billion rubles.
Supporting a court dispute on the side of the debtor about invalidation of the increase in interest rate under the loan agreement. As a result, unjustified claims in the amount of more than 123 million rubles are subject to exclusion from the register of creditors' claims.
Legal support of bankruptcy proceedings of a developer in the Moscow Region with assets worth over 17 billion rubles.
Protecting the creditors of a developer in the Moscow Region, which is in bankruptcy, from bringing the developer to subsidiary liability for 1.7 billion rubles. The claims were denied in full.
Supporting a dispute over the inclusion in the register of the developer's creditors' claims in the Voronezh Region in the amount of RUB 68 million. Judicial acts of refusal in satisfaction of claims are cancelled in appeal instance, client's claims are included in the register.
Support of 12 interrelated disputes on the applications of 26 employees for recovery of wages on the employer's side. The courts rejected the claims of employees in part 53 million rubles, of which 41 million rubles — based on the results of consideration of appeals by the Moscow Regional Court.
Protection of the arbitration manager of the plant in the Kurgan region from administrative liability for a number of alleged violations of bankruptcy laws (order of satisfaction of requirements, compliance with deadlines, compliance with formal requirements of the law). The Court refused to bring the arbitration manager to administrative responsibility.
Protection of the trustee in insolvency from a creditor’s complaint, who asked for the exclusion of the trustee in insolvency due to a number of irregularities in the assessment of the collateral in the creditor’s opinion. The court refused to grant the complaint.
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