Support of public tendering

Consulting and disputes related to the conduct and participation in public tenders
Advising organizers of public tenders:
 — Review of tender documents for compliance with legal requirements;
 — Development and amendment of tender documents;
 — Development of requirements for public auction participants, algorithms for evaluation of bids of participants and selection of a tender winner;
 — Support of public tendering in bankruptcy proceedings.

Legal support of bidders in public tenders:
 — Advising on participation in public tenders in accordance with Russian law;
 — Complainting the actions of organizers of public tenders in the antimonopoly authority and in court.
Important matters
Supporting, in the interests of the arbitration manager, the proceedings before the antimonopoly authority on a complaint from a winner of a public tender conducted in accordance with the provisions of the Bankruptcy Act. As a result of accompanying the claimant, the claim was dismissed in full.
Successfully representing the interests of the customer, who initiated the auction for the supply of medical devices in the antimonopoly authority on a complaint against the actions of the auction commission of the customer.
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